• Research center of analytical instrumentation (RCAI) was found in August 2010 by prof. Yixiang Duan, member of National Recruitment Program of Global Experts, in Sichuan University. RCAI aims at the basic research, development and applications of analytical instrumentation and play an important role in serving nation’s technological development. Numerous labs including laboratory of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrum (LIBS), laboratory of high resolution Time of Flight mass spectrometry coupled Liquid Chromatography (LC-ToF), laboratory of fluorescence spectrometry, laboratory of plasma research and laboratory of ion source research of mass spectrometry are established in two campuses of Sichuan University and covers an area of 500 square meters at present. RACI has a comprehensive range of analysis and development instruments, named HPLC-MS, GC-MS, ion trap mass spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrometer, portable spectrometer, YAG laser, UV laser, Visible laser, microwave system, high sensitivity mass filter system, digital oscilloscope etc. Meanwhile, a batch of important equipment is being purchased. Based on a series of major projects, RACI is pushing forward the talents cultivation as well as Lab construction. At present, there are a number of high quality master and PhD candidates in RACI. Several tens of articles have been published in SCI journals and 8 projects have been applied for Chinese invention patents in just 2 years since foundation. To provide an excellent research platform for researchers, RACI adopts the way of managing top-level research institutes and universities.


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